AMV Competition - Rules and Submission Guidelines

Competition Rules

  • You may enter up to three (3) entries.
  • Please select the ONE category that you believe your AMV belongs to in the form. This helps the judges to assess the AMV according to that category. If you are unsure which category your AMV belongs to, select “unsure” on the form and the Judges will determine the category it is suited for.
  • Please note that if you are doing a group submission, make sure to add all the names of those involved and your AMV group name if applicable. Note that if the group wins with their AMV, prizes will have to be shared.
  • This competition is open and welcome to everyone in Australia and overseas.
  • You do not have to attend SMASH! (but we encourage you to!) and if you are an international entrant that wins, prizes will be mailed out to you.
  • AMVs that were previously entered at SMASH! AMV competitions may not be entered again. In addition, AMVs that were created before August 1, 2013 will not be accepted into the competition.
  • The maximum time limit of your AMV should be NO LONGER than 5 minutes. If your AMV exceeds this, point deductions MAY occur.
  • Any material that is above a PG rating and rated M, is allowed in the competition provided it is limited to 10% of the video. Scenes include but not limited to blood, heavy violence, decapitation, erotic and sexually charged material. This is subject to SMASH!'s discretion. Failure to follow this will result your AMV entry being disqualified. 
  • Usage of fansubs is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. No exemptions.
  • AMVs must consist of at least 80% anime material. Any less and your AMV may not be screened at SMASH! and will incur point deductions.
  • To maintain a professional look of the AMV competition, we recommend that you do not add any form intros or outros due to the time constraints of the event. However, if the intro and/or outro is integrated into the AMV overall, then it will be accepted with no penalty. Logos, watermarks, text or any other forms of identifiable markings that do not relate to the entry itself should be kept out unless it is part of your integrated intro/outro.  (i.e Akross, Level Up, Big Contest, etc). The AMV Co-ordinator accepts text added for the sake of helping the story or artwork in your AMV, subject to approval. The AMV Co-ordinator will add custom made titles that will be shown before your AMV is screened.
  • Not all AMVs will be shown at SMASH! due to time constraints. Only a handful of AMVs will be selected and screened at the event, but ALL AMVs will be shown online through the SMASH! Website. This is done so that all those who have entered the competition, but may not have their AMV shown at the event, get at least recognised by the online community.
  • The AMV Co-ordinator and fellow staff have the final say on decisions made during the course of the tournament, and therefore, cannot be disputed.

Technical Specifications

AMVs submitted at SMASH! must conform to the following technical specifications:

  • Video resolution size must at least be 640 x 360 pixels or larger.
  • Video formats and codecs only allowed:
    • .avi = DivX, XviD, Lagarith, HuffYUV
    • .mp4 = h.264, MPEG-4
    • .mov = MPEG-4, h.264
    • .wmv = WMV9
  • If there are formats and/or codecs that you want to use that is not listed above, please inform the AMV Co-ordinator before submission.
  • There is NO file size limit, however, it is recommended to keep the filesize below 300MB. If it is larger than this, please contact the AMV Co-ordinator for alternative submission selections.

PLEASE NOTE – SMASH! will upload all AMV submissions onto the SMASH website for viewing purposes and voting purposes.

Competition Dates

The final day to submit your entries is July 1, 2014 11:59PM. (Sydney time, GMT+10)

Submission of Videos

Online Submission

If you are submitting your AMV via online, it is recommended that you upload your AMV through file sharing sites, and send us the link through the Online form. We recommend using the following but you are free to use any other file sharing sites, provided it is easily accessible for us to download from:

  • Sendspace – For uploads up to 300MB
  • Mediafire – For uploads up to 200MB
  • For uploads up to 1GB

If you have an AMV that is uploaded at, you may also provide the link to your AMV from there. YouTube, or any other related video site links to your AMV are NOT accepted.

Postal Submission

If you would like to submit an AMV through the post, please email the AMV Team at

And that’s It!

If you have any other questions or enquiries regarding the AMV competition, please do not hesitate to contact the AMV Co-ordinator by email.