BAMV Tournament - Rules and Submission Guidelines

Tournament Rules

  • This tournament is open to everyone in Australia and overseas. Prizes will be mailed out.
  • You are not required to be at SMASH! if you don't make the Grand Finals (but we encourage that you do!).
  • You may only enter ONE video per round in the tournament.
  • In all rounds of the tournament, including the General Acceptance Round, your video will be no shorter than 30 seconds and no longer than 1 minute 30 seconds. Every video made must be a new submission.
  • Editors cannot enter the same video from the Blitz Tournaments into the General AMV Competition, if they have advanced past the prelimary rounds.
  • The purpose of the BAMV is to showcase your talent and skill at making short AMVs. As a result, you may not submit any previous works of yours. This is to keep the content in the tournament fresh, as well as you having the benefit of a challenge.
  • By entering the BAMV tournament, you are accepting to have your works available for download (uploaded on a file sharing site and links placed via our SMASH! forums) from the Preliminary round onwards, so the general public may view them. This applies regardless if you win or lose. If you wish not to have your works uploaded and available to the public by us, please send an email to us and we will not publish them.
  • In addition, we kindly ask that you do not release your work to the public (such as YouTube, or any other video sharing sites) until after the results are announced for each round.
  • Any video and audio material that is higher than a PG rating can be used, provided it is not used in an excessive way. Failure to follow this may result in your AMV entry being disqualified.
  • Use of fansubs is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. No exceptions.
  • The AMV Co-ordinator and fellow staff have the final say on decisions made during the course of the tournament, and therefore, cannot be disputed.
  • If you have any other questions or enquiries regarding the Blitz AMV tournament, please do not hesitate to contact the AMV co-ordinator through email.

Timeline and Tournament Dates

Unlike the standard AMV competition, there are certain dates over the next few months which must be kept in mind. If you do enter, you will be kept updated on developments and the next deadlines, depending on your status in the tournament. The general timeline of the BAMV is as follows:

General acceptance period
  • April 1st- BLITZ Starts
  • April 27th - GAP finishes / Judging starts
Preliminary Finals Round (16 entrants left)
  • May 4th - Top 16 Announced and start
  • May 18th - Top 16 stop / Judging starts
Quarter Final Round (8 entrants left)
  • May 25th - Top 8 Announced and start
  • June 8th - Top 8 stop / Judging start
Semi-Final Round (4 entrants left)
  • June 15th - Top 4 Announced and start
  • June 29th - Top 4 stop / Judging start
Grand Final (2 entrants left) 
  • July 6th - Top 2 Announced and start
  • July 20th - Top 2 stop / Judging start
  • August 9th-10th Winners announced

Technical Specifications

Blitz AMVs submitted must conform to the following technical specifications:

  • Video resolution must be at 640 x 368 pixels or larger
  • The following video formats and codecs are allowed:
    • .avi = DivX, XviD, Lagarith, HuffYUV
    • .mp4 = h.264, MPEG-4
    • .mov = MPEG-4, h.264
    • .wmv = WMV9

If there are any formats and/or codecs that you wish to use that are not listed above, please contact the AMV co-ordinator first before you submit your AMV.

Submission of videos

All AMVs will be submitted online. To enter into the tournament, please use our form here [insert link here] and enter your relevant details. You can upload your AMV at any file sharing site and provide us the link through your online form. We recommend the following file sharing sites:

  • Sendspace
  • Mediafire

The files uploaded should be no more than 300MB. YOUTUBE AND OTHER VIDEO SHARING LINKS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

Those who progress through the tournament will get a link to the submission form for the next round, via e-mail.

And that's it

If you have any other questions or enquiries regarding the Blitz AMV tournament, please do not hesitate to contact the AMV co-ordinator through email. Good luck!