AMV Competition

Ever wondered what would happen if you crossed your favourite song with your favourite anime? Looking for a reason to put your hidden video editing skills to the test? Then the SMASH! AMV Competition is just for you!

The world of Anime Music Videos (AMVs) is a place where you have the power to turn any anime into your personal creation. This is one of the many art forms where people of all ages, interests and places show their love for anime (or just simply search for a decent watch).

Cooking up an AMV is easy as pie! All you need is a video editing program, a batch of anime scenes you want to use, and the final topping of your favourite music. Mix ‘em all together with some awesome editing skills and voila; you’ve just served up an AMV!

There are 4 categories your AMV can be placed into:

  • Action – AMVs that get your blood pumping and adrenaline running with epic battles, hard hits and insanely fast-paced scenes.
  • Comedy/Parody – From ridiculously fitting music to the weirdest and most outrageous anime scenes, these AMVs have one goal: to split your sides from laughter!
  • Drama/Romance – Whether it’s showing the serious or romantic side to anime, these AMVs aim to embrace ALL your feels.
  • Upbeat/Dance – Get people down and jiggy to dance music and catchy anime scenes. These AMVs are made to make you boogie.

We also have 4 Special Awards where you can chance victory!

  • Judge’s Choice Award – The AMV handpicked by the AMV team that deems to be their favourite of the bunch.
  • People’s Choice Award – The AMV chosen by the people, FOR the people.
  • Best Technical Award – The AMV that scores the best use of technical and editing skills, and showcases all of its potential.
  • Aussie Award – One for the home team, this new award in the SMASH! AMV Competition will go to one of our Australian contenders.

For more information, please read the rules and submission guidelines and become a part of this epic tourney! The general acceptance round will be opening soon! We wish the best of luck to all contenders and may your skills be EVER in your favour.

Submissions are now closed. Stay tuned for the People's Choice award voting which will start on July 20!
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