Competitions everywhere!

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If you were busy waiting for the apocalypse that never happened and missed our guest announcement yesterday, it's ok, we forgive you. Just to remind you though, this year we have 4 special guests in attendance! Excel Saga director and charismatic afro-man Shinichi 'Nabeshin' Watanabe, Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged creator Littlekuriboh, and, courtesy of Eminence, composers Hiroki Kikuta and Kenji Ito. Continuing the last few days of excitement, it's time for some competition announcements! If you like art, BJD's or AMV's, you better get your creative thinking caps on.
  • The Themed Art Competition returns, which pits your creative wit against your combination of two or more of our themes: At World's End, Propaganda, and Flowers.
  • And what better way to celebrate Eminence's Memories of Fantasia concert than with a musically themed competition? Mascot Music Madness challenges you to put a musical spin on our very own mascots, Skadi and Cyrus.
  • Our BJD competitions return with new and old faces. The Photography competition is back with an escape theme, while those of you joining us at SMASH! with your dolls can take part in the Lucky Draw and Best Dressed events. With an all-encompassing seaside theme there's plenty of fun ways to dress up for the occasion!
  • The AMV competition is also up and accepting entries, now with a handy online form to make your life even easier.
  • And not to forget our previous announcement, the Bandai Model Kit World Cup is on and accepting entries!  With prizes including a trip to Hong Kong, you'd be crazy not to try your hand at the fun hobby of model-making.
And that's this week's wrap-up from SMASH! HQ. If we've tickled your fancy at all, remember you can grab your convention and concert tickets in one spot at