One Month To Go

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That's right folks - as of today, there's just one more month to go until SMASH!. Just one more month until we'll grace the wide spaces of the awesome Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre for the first time. Are you excited? We know we are! If you sew slower than a snail (like I do), now's probably a good time to whip out that sewing machine and put the pedal to the metal carpet so that you can get your cosplay done. And now's also a pretty good time to start choosing what song you can lovingly belt out for your karaoke session. And start thinking about how you might want to pose our lovely Skadi and Cyrus in your MMM artwork. And replaying all the games that Eminence is featured in so you can sit in your seat and flail like an idiot during the concert because you recognise the song. And don't forget, advance ticket sales close on July 6. So you still have a little bit of time to save up if you haven't bought your tickets yet :) We'll have our schedule out soon, so stay tuned. Meanwhile, have a great month, and we'll see you at the con!