DJ Yui Kanan is leader of YUIMINO+ and a young female CEO of professional cosplay company "ONIGIRI PLUS Inc." After receiving 3rd place in the world at WCS 2008, she used her skill of cosplay and knowledge in entertainment industries to create very first professional cosplay company in Japan. Working closely with clients from animation/game/manga/local official/NPO to have a professional work environment for cosplayers, and at the same time, make cosplay and cosplayers more accepted in society.

Last year, her activities in professional entertainment and outside of Japan gave her an opportunity to be an image cosplayer for “2016 Tokyo Comic-con” and for management companies to run a cosplay section at the event, including setting up stage event sponsored by Air Asia and SONY Entertainment. Also, she has been working with automobile industries - utilising cosplayers and J-culture to vitalise local cities and sales of an automobile with a unique combination of automobile and cosplay.

She has started her career in DJ to reach out to the world. Knowing that a good party is the best way to bring cultures together!! Her DJ style is based on popular EDM mixed with a touch of J-pop culture and her original tracks to pursue a new expression in EDM and Cosplay.

Yui Kanan will be DJing during SMASH! After Hours!.

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