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As part of our 10 year anniversary, Maid Cafe will be running new and exciting mini-games and raffles with all new prizes and rewards exclusive to this year. There are special discounts and prizes for attending Maid Cafe on both days, as well as limited edition merchandise.  And as part of the SMASH! Auction ONE photo-book full of signature and photos from SMASH! Maid Cafe’s history will be on offer.

Note: This will take place at the SMASH! auction not inside Maid Cafe itself.

Maid Café staff

What You Can Expect

  • Personalised maid/host service at your table.
  • Fun mini games and tricks with your assigned maid/host.
  • Spending time with maid/host.
  • Surprise visits from our promotion team.
  • Food and beverage package.
  • Idol dance performance.

Code of Conduct

  • This is strictly a PG event.
  • Attendees are not permitted to have physical contact with the maids/ hosts.
  • Please obtain permission from the maids before you take a photo of them.
  • Photos are only to be taken in the assigned photo area.
  • The SMASH! Code of Conduct will apply to the Maid Cafe. Harassment will not be tolerated.
  • Costumes worn in the Maid Cafe are inspired by French Maids and Japanese Gothic Lolita fashion. It is a regular cafe in other respects.
  • Anyone who violates the Code of Conduct will be evicted and banned from future Maid Café events.


Date: August 20-21, 2016.
Time: Sat 10:30AM - 4:30PM,  Sun 9:30AM- 4PM.
Location: Rosehill Gardens (rest of address inc level).
Contact: maidcafe@smash.org.au

Bookings open from 9AM at venue.

We advise that this event is cash only.