Since 2008, SMASH! has been committed to bringing the best possible talent from across the world to discuss the anime industry, meet with fans and share their experiences. In the past we’ve been honoured to have been joined by guests such as Masakazu Morita, Haruko Momoi, Matsubara Hidenori, Shinichi ‘Nabeshin’ Watanabe, Shin-Ichiro Miki, Yūko Miyamura, and Tiffany Grant as they discuss their works in a range of panels and activities.

Previously our guests have answered questions from the community (that’s you!) and given animated and vibrant live voice-acting performances on our stage. We also had the honour to host our first ever Voice Acting Workshop with Yūko Miyamura in 2012, where we learnt about voice acting techniques directly from the industry, as as LOVERIN TAMBURIN’s first ever concert in Australia!

Here are just some of our 2017 guests! Check out our Guest Signing Policy here!


SMASH! 2017 Guest Schedule PDF

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